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Fabienne Levy gallery is looking for visual art students from Switzerland to exhibit their works in both

its Lausanne and Geneva spaces for a period of 3 weeks from July 11 to July 27 and from August 27 to

September 5, 2024. The gallery does not seek to represent them but to give them the opportunity to

show in a gallery, to become familiar with an exhibition space and to talk about their work. Students

will have the opportunity to explain their vision. It is important to create synergies within cities.

Culture must be open to all. Galleries should serve as bridges between young artists and the public.


THEME: “Unprecedented times”

"Unprecedented times" serve as a reminder of the complexity and fragility of human existence.

Philosophers, scholars, and thinkers are challenged to explore these themes to gain a deeper

understanding of the human condition and to formulate ethical, epistemological, and existential

responses to the unique challenges of our era. This theme invites us to reevaluate our assumptions,

think critically about our values, and strive for greater wisdom while navigating an uncertain future. It

challenges our understanding of the world and our ability to predict and respond to events. It forces

us to grapple with the limitations of human knowledge and question the reliability of established

systems of thought.



- Be a visual art student at a school in Switzerland, or have finished less than a year ago when

submitting the file.

- Send a complete file with the project and the projected production costs of the works before the

application closing date.

- Be present for 2 days during the exhibition in order to present and explain your work to the public.

- Students will be responsible for installing and dismounting their works on site.

Please send your project in PDF format to:


Application closing date: 14.12.2023

Participants will be notified of their participation by 15.01.2024


Fabienne Levy


Title Country City Details
Fabienne Levy Genève
Fabienne Levy Lausanne