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Carla Filipe

Galeria Municipal do Porto has invited artist Carla Filipe to develop an exhibition project devoted to social practices at bars and clubs. In that context clubs are considered spaces to evade the imminent failure of daytime social systems.The fundamental characteristic of Filipe’s work is to document and map: by closely observing and getting involved with her environment, the artist constantly searches for the touchstones of meaning in the life of a specific community. The present exhibition is based on Filipe’s experience of the nightlife as a visual artist producing posters and images for electronic music events and DJ sets, and developed in collaboration with curator Ulrich Loock. It brings together several local and international artists who explore ways of experiencing the night, namely the intersection of music and image. Their works remain autonomous as visual art while reflecting relationships between the singular and the plural, the individual and the community, and evoking the history of art and its connection to music through a series of specific references.


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Galeria Municipal do Porto