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Our calls for residency programmes in RomaMilano or Palermo are now open for emerging artists and researchers who wish to contribute to the future of art, science and innovation.

Roma Calling: a ten-month residency for six artists and five researchers at Villa Maraini in Rome. Possibility of a 5-month residency for researchers.
Milano Calling: a six-month residency for one artist and one researcher in Milan.
Palermo Calling: a three-month residency for one artist and one resercher at Palazzo Butera in Palermo.
Palermo Calling – Curator: a three-month residency for a curator, in collaboration with Fondazione Sicilia in Palermo.
Palermo Calling – Art&Science: a three-month transdisciplinary residency for a duo (one artist and one researcher with a joint project), in collaboration with Fondazione Sant’Elia in Palermo.

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Roma, Milano, Palermo