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The exhibition comprises around ten mostly recent artworks, some of which belong to particular series and have an obvious similarity, while others appear so dissimilar that prior knowledge is required in order to link the presentation to a single artist. There is a very specific reason for this diversity: for many years, the art of Marcel Duchamp – which is nothing other than the manifestation of his thinking – has been not only one of the main subjects of Bethan Huws’ work, but also its model. Duchamp said that the choice of a ready-made – which in his (and Huws’) opinion was probably his most important contribution to twentieth-century art – was made according to the criterion of aesthetic indifference. An artistic style (such as Impressionism or Cubism) was thus replaced by a way of thinking that has an unmediated, individual relationship to things and is shaped by them. The primacy of thinking is what underlies the aesthetic nonuniformity of the works in Bethan Huws’ exhibition.

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6 April – 25 May 2024

Artist Talk: 2 May, 6.30 pm
Closed on 1 May + 9 May

Tue-Fri: 11 am–6 pm
Sat: 11 am–5 pm




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Galerie Tschudi Zürich