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Meet Z, a pilot content-on-demand service at your fingertips. Enlivened by your touch, Z is a personal guide, productivity consultant and creative collaborator. Z works with you and for you. The future is full of opportunities – don’t miss yours.

Slow down. Challenge everything. Embrace this gentle…scrolling.

There’s a new future at the end of this. Well, there’s a taste of one – a hint. The future belongs to those who challenge the present. You knew that. Loosen your austere touch. Go beyond, through and beneath. Under your own interface there’s a network waiting to become real.

At the heart of this flow is a way out – a new way of being and working: a vision for a shared future. If we evolve collectively, there are no obstacles.

There’s a new future at the end of this. You knew that.

Meet Z is a project by Auto Italia co-commisioned by The Space. Meet Z was developed in collaboration with Theo Cook, Pablo Jones-Soler, Michael Oswell, Kieran Startup and James Wreford.

shortlist net based 2016


Work type
Digital Art