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Together with our online partners, we continuously map art in public spaces in Switzerland. All entries are conveniently available on for those on the got. Would you also like to become a partner? Contact us:

Details Image Artists Title Year City
Tabita Rezaire
Tabita Rezaire Ass4sale
Julia Weist
Julia Weist Reach
Michael Mandiberg
Michael Mandiberg Print Wikipedia
Morehshin Allahyari
Morehshin Allahyari Material Speculation: ISIS
Julien Deswaef, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Julien Deswaef, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez Shiv Integer
Tabita Rezaire
Tabita Rezaire Ass4Sale
Neozoon MY BBY 8L3W
Le a Pereyre, Claire Pondard
Le a Pereyre, Claire Pondard Demi-jour
rhizome The Download
Kari Altmann
Kari Altmann Soft Mobility
Eloïse Bonneviot, Anne de Boer
Eloïse Bonneviot, Anne de Boer The Mycological Twist
Olia Lialina The most fragile GIF on the WWW
Natalie Bookchin, Alexej Shulgin
Natalie Bookchin, Alexej Shulgin Introduction to -
Vuk Cosic
Vuk Cosic documenta done
Christoph Wachter, Mathias Jud
Christoph Wachter, Mathias Jud Zone*Interdite
Jon Satrom
Jon Satrom Jon Satrom
Benjamin Grosser
Benjamin Grosser Computer Watching Movies
Thierry Fournier
Thierry Fournier Fenêtre Augmentée
Oliver Laric An Incomplete Timeline of Online Exhibition and Biennials
Marc Lee
Marc Lee TV-BOT 2.0
Waldemar Pranckiewicz
Waldemar Pranckiewicz Netquake
Esther Hunziker
Esther Hunziker Dump
Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer Please Change Beliefs
Chris Jordan Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait
Michael Mandiberg -
Dina Kelberman
Dina Kelberman I'm Google
Jorge Macchi
Jorge Macchi The book of hours Deinze
John Rafman
John Rafman Nine Eyes
Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith printingtheinternet
Michael Frei
Michael Frei Fingersimulator
Stu Campbell
Stu Campbell Modern Polaxis
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan Cap Seurat
Harm van den Dorpel
Harm van den Dorpel Deli Near Info
Marc Lee
Marc Lee Pic-me
Katie Rose Pipkin, Loren Schmidt
Katie Rose Pipkin, Loren Schmidt Moth Generator
James Bridle
James Bridle Citizen Ex
Joel Holmberg
Joel Holmberg Legendary Account -
Sebastian Schmieg
Sebastian Schmieg Segmentation Network
!Mediengruppe Bitnik
!Mediengruppe Bitnik Random Darknet Shopper
Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Marleen Boschen, Auto Italia
Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Marleen Boschen, Auto Italia Meet Z
Dmitry Morozov
Dmitry Morozov Post Code
Natalie Bookchin
Natalie Bookchin Testimonials